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Our Story

My husband, William and I, along with our three sons, first moved to Newnan, GA due to William’s job transfer.

I had been a stay-at-home mom for 5 years at that point, while William was working 12-hour shifts in the restaurant industry. I had planned to get a part-time job when we moved.

Less than 6 months after our move to Newnan, our youngest son, Sebastian, was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at just 22 months of age.

Brittany and William, owners of Clean by Nature LLC

It was a traumatic experience.

We spent 4 days in and out of different doctor's offices trying to get to the bottom of the symptoms Sebastian had been experiencing.

Those terrifying and confusing 4 days, ended up with Sebastian being rushed to Children’s Hospital of Atlanta with a blood sugar level of over 1200.

After finally getting the insulin his body had so desperately been needing, he finally awoke after 24 hours.

Childrens Hospital of Atlanta

Thankfully, he was completely himself.

Except for the confusion of being in the hospital! CHOA was our home for the next 7 days.

We learned what our new normal life was going to consist of, in taking care of Sebastian.

Along with Type 1 diabetes came the medications and doctors' visits.

Fountain in downtown Newnan, GA - House Cleaning from Clean by Nature LLC

I knew that I couldn't work just any job.

While adjusting to this new normal, I knew that I couldn't work just any job. I knew that I needed flexibility to care for Sebastian the way he deserved to be cared for.

I started posting ads to clean houses in our local online newspaper.

Before I knew it, through solely word of mouth, I had more work than I could handle. That's when William decided it would be a great idea to come aboard with me.

The Clean by Nature house cleaning mobile

Strictly eco-friendly cleaning services

In 2016, we changed the concept of the business to strictly eco-friendly cleaning services.

The more I learned, the more I knew that I didn't need or want to use harsh chemicals to clean my own home. Why would I clean my client's homes with harsh chemicals?

That's when Clean by Nature LLC was born.

Brittany, owner and founder of Clean by Nature LLC

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